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Our Support Coordination Services

Discover the difference with “better n beyond’s” person-centred, culturally sensitive, and trauma-informed practice. We customise each support plan to align with your unique profile, acknowledging and valuing your individual experiences. Our model of support ensures that you’re connected with quality providers, your NDIS funding is optimised and you’re always in control!
child with Down syndrome exploring their creativity and learning with colorful geometric shapes

Coordination of Supports - Level 2

Coordination of Supports is also known as Level 2 Support Coordination. This means that we act as your trusted partner in navigating the NDIS landscape. We go beyond just linking you with services; we help you understand your options, so you can make choices that genuinely suit you. Our Support Coordinators are skilled in assessing the compatibility between service providers and your unique needs, helping you maximise the benefits of your NDIS plan.

Level 2 Support Coordination provides that extra layer of guidance for those with more complex situations. At “better n beyond”, we’re not just ticking boxes; we’re aligning services with your lifestyle and goals. You’ll get hands-on help to manage challenges and create a supportive environment that resonates with you. Because when it comes to your NDIS supports, understanding the details makes all the difference.

Specialist Support Coordination - Level 3

Specialist Support Coordination through “better n beyond” is your comprehensive guide to navigating the NDIS. We identify and understand the barriers impacting participants’ ability to access, use and maintain their supports. We advocate for the best outcome to address barriers like youth justice involvement, hospital discharge, housing and accommodation – SDA and general. Our specialists are adept at ensuring that you seamlessly transition to community living.

Our team will link you, collaborate with consultants in particular areas of your needs, and maintain active communication, collaboration and cooperation with your network. We will ensure you receive consistent and tailored services to address crises and unplanned events.
Disabled son has therapy by doing exercise with mother support and care.

What We Stand For

Unlock the full potential of your NDIS plan with “better n beyond’s” specialised approach to Support Coordination.

Culturally-Safe & Sensitive

Our service ethos is built around cultural sensitivity and safety. We create an environment where everyone feels respected, safe, and free from judgment based on their cultural background.


We have a genuine passion to support you by recognising the profound impact of trauma and adopting an empathetic approach that prioritises safety, trust, and healing to empower you to reclaim your life and build resilience.

Person-Centred & Strength-Based

You're at the heart of our service. We focus on what makes you exceptional. We empower you to navigate your NDIS plan with confidence and autonomy by identifying and nurturing your unique strengths and abilities.


We embrace a neuro-affirmative perspective, valuing the diversity of neurological experience and advocating for inclusive practices by recognising and affirming each individual's unique strengths and abilities.

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