Supported Independent Living

Personalised NDIS Assistance with Supported Independent Living (SIL) in Darwin, NT

At Better n Beyond, we offer Assistance with Supported Independent Living that is designed to offer tailored support and resources to NDIS participants. It helps them lead the life of their choice with self esteem and autonomy. Our personalised SIL services would enable participants to live with safety and security within their domestic setting. It also involves providing participants with the assistance that help them accomplish their day to day activities. Thus, as SIL providers in NT we would assist participants live the life of their choice, with dignity.

How Does Our Supported Independent Living Help NDIS Participants?

While offering assistance with Supported Independent Living, we follow a purely participant-centric model. It is designed to empower NDIS participants to live within their community in a more active and independent way. Our assistance with Supported Independent Living is centred around respective choice, self-determination as well as community inclusion. As SIL providers in Darwin we would provide support and assistance. This enables participants to lead life to their satisfaction at their own homes as well as community-based accommodation facilities. It thus fosters inclusivity as well as autonomy.

What Does Our Assistance With Supported Independent Living Include?

Our assistance with SIL in Darwin would include but is not restricted to:

  • Daily planning, decision-making skills and budgeting
  • Enhancing skills with shopping, planning of healthy meals and cooking
  • Communication
  • Developing the ability to carry out general household tasks including laundry, cleaning
  • Getting ready and preparing for attending supported employment or a centre based
  • Attendance at appointments for professional, medical and social reasons

What Are The Key Aspects Of Our Supported Independent Living?

  • A participant-centred approach: Our assistance with supported independent living revolves around the individual needs, life goals and preferences of participants. The support is tailored to promote participants’ self reliance, self esteem and autonomy.
  • Inclusive Accommodation Facility: It involves adaptable and accessible housing options that facilitates participants to live with safety and comfort. Our accommodation facilities are designed to ensure that participants can access and navigate their living spaces with the use of mobility aids or otherwise.
  • Specialised Support Service: Our support workers acting as SIL Providers in Darwin are trained and dedicated to assist participants through various aspects of their daily life. They can assist with preparation of meals, personal care, travel & transport, housekeeping and the likes.

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