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Better n Beyond is a locally operated NDIS-registered support service that prides itself on the quality of care and industry expertise guiding its operations. At our core, we uphold values centred on promoting the quality of life; embracing non-restrictive practices; fostering collaboration with clients, families and stakeholders; advocating for equal opportunities; and facilitating skill development through active support and engagement.

Drawing from extensive experiences in the human welfare sector, we recognised a prevailing concern within the disability sector: the lack of quality of care. Individuals with disabilities often receive no to minimal support, and their fundamental human rights, such as the right to autonomy and choice and living without unnecessary restrictions, are frequently overlooked or unrecognised. Committed to addressing these gaps, Better n Beyond strives to provide the type of support that goes beyond meeting the basics or doing the bare minimum.

At the helm of Better n Beyond are leaders with clear visions and a wealth of expertise. Our director is a social worker who actively promotes social justice and advocacy, while our service manager, a registered behaviour support practitioner with a psychology background, is dedicated to fostering fulfilling, non-restrictive lives for our clients. Our team members, with tertiary-level qualifications in Health Science, Humanitarian Aid and Development, and Community Welfare, bring comprehensive skills and knowledge to our services.

We are not just another disability service provider out there; we are much more and utterly dedicated to making a meaningful difference. When you choose Better n Beyond, you’re not just accessing services – you’re joining a community committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities and being an active part of achievement and fulfillment.

Meet the founder

Meet Shihab, Md Esha, the founder of “Better n Beyond”, an AASW accredited Social Worker and an alumnus of Charles Darwin University who also holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. With a deep commitment to supporting and empowering people and communities, Shihab’s practices are rooted in person-centred and trauma-informed care. Shihab supports individuals in making informed decisions, taking ownership of their lives, and acknowledges the complexities of trauma while fostering healing and resilience.

With experience as a Specialist Coordinator of Support- level 3 and a Coordinator of Support -level 2, Shihab has a wealth of expertise in supporting NDIS participants of all ages with moderate to complex needs. His specialty also includes working with young people and clients going through hospital discharges.

In the past, Shihab worked as a senior child protection case manager at the Department of Territory Families, Housing & Communities. There, he served as a legal guardian for young people with disabilities, mental health conditions, and histories of early childhood trauma. During these times, he travelled to many remote communities and worked in collaboration with families, elders, and the communities.

Shihab’s commitment to making a positive impact is evident through his extensive experience working in remote NT communities. His contributions to international programs, including ADD – Action on Disability and Development and the UNDP – United Nations Development Programs overseas, are notable. Overall, Shihab’s professional journeys, expertise, and solid commitment to promoting healing, empowerment, and social justice leads him to strive to create a more inclusive and equitable society for all.


Meet the Business Manager

Allow us to introduce Sabrina Hosen, our esteemed Business Manager! With a wealth of experiences spanning both government and the private sector, Sabrina brings a unique perspective to our organisation. She is a proud alumna of Charles Darwin University, where she earned a Bachelor of Psychological Science with outstanding academic achievement and was awarded a prestigious scholarship from the NT Government. Additionally, Sabrina holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, backed by years of valuable experience working with young children.

In her previous role in child protection, Sabrina played a pivotal role in upholding the safety and well-being of children and their families to ensure that vulnerable children received the protection and support they needed to thrive in safe environments and their families receive increased supports. 

Sabrina not only brings her bubbly and charming personality on board but also invaluable experience in behavior support for NDIS participants. In recent years, she has successfully developed behaviour support plans, strategies and resources; and provided training to families, care team members, and support workers, ensuring the correct identification of the participants’ needs and maintaining a high standard of care while implementing non-restrictive practices. Her understanding of the NDIS Act and NT legislation is outstanding, reflecting her commitment to creating a safe environment for all within legal frameworks and compliance, upholding people’s dignity, autonomy, and well-being.

Sabrina takes pride in advocating for the reduction and elimination of unnecessary restrictive practices, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their needs, is valued and has the right to live without unnecessary restrictions. She hopes to leverage her knowledge and expertise in her leadership role within our organisation, providing training and education, maintaining a high quality of care and services, and upholding human rights standards.

Her dedication to our company ethos ensures that “Better n Beyond” is not just a name but a commitment to excellence. We are excited to welcome her aboard, and we are confident that her values-driven approach will elevate our standards and positively impact all we serve.

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