Hospital Discharge

Get NDIS Support After Hospital Discharge in Darwin, NT

If you are looking for a support staff who can assist you with hospital discharge, look no further. At Better n Beyond, we offer hospital discharge NDIS support in Darwin, NT so that you need not worry about the entire process. Our hospital liaison officers (HLO) ensure that you receive the right information for discharge planning. At the same time, if you are a family member of the participant, our staff will coordinate with you and keep you informed about the discharge process. Our HLOs will work with the hospital directly and mediate with the NDIA. At the same time, if your loved one is still not under NDIS, but has acquired an impairment, our staff will refer them to the NDIA so that you receive the supports application. In addition, the hospital can use the Discharge Assessment template developed by the NDIS to provide information to the HLOs regarding the needs of the participants upon discharge. Upon request by the hospital staff, our HLOs can provide the template to them.

Information that Our HLOs Collect to Assist Individuals to Apply for NDIS

Some of the information that our Health Liaison Officers will collect from you to help you apply
for the NDIS include:

  • Your time spent in the hospital
  • Reason for admission to the hospital
  • When you get to leave the hospital
  • Your health and disability support requirements
  • Any modifications to your disability support requirements
  • Other important information

If you are already a participant, you will be contacted by our staff. They will ask for your consent to share information so that they can talk to the hospital authorities and plan your discharge.

Why Choose Our Darwin, NT, Hospital Discharge NDIS Support?

Opt for our Darwin, NT, hospital discharge NDIS support since:

  • Our HLOs are cooperative and will make the discharge process seamless
  • If you are not a participant but have acquired a disability, we can help you apply for the
  • We will coordinate with you and your family members to plan the discharge process
    better, considering your preferences
So, if you or your loved one is admitted to the hospital and you require smooth discharge support, contact us today.
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